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I really hope someone can help. This family is desperate!

This weekend our program received a Northell team heartbreaking request from a family outside of the Philadelphia area. The son was SEVERELY injured in Iraq and underwent 32 surgeries while recovering at Walter Reed for two years. His father, also a veteran who served in Vietnam, was by his son's side during his grueling recovery period. Just last week the father was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and is undergoing chemo and radiation therapy. This is a husband of 32 years... very heartbreaking news indeed.

The family is desperate for some assistance with their home located about 20 minutes south of Philadelphia, and have asked for very little ... We need the following providers: a maid service, carpet cleaner, plumber/septic, and pressure washer companies. Any other company in that area that provides supplemental services such as professional organizing, painting ...anything that will help relieve their burdens and provide a healthy healing environment... are encouraged to contact us as well.

Once the donated cleaning services are performed, we will evaluate their needs further and look at funding opportunities to continue his services with your company. Please join! This type of help prevents recurring hospitalizations and saves taxpayers a lot of money in the end. You'll be glad you helped!

If you live outside the Philly region and still want to help, we first ask that you send prayers. If you feel you are able to provide a monetary donation to help this family with the cost of additional cleaning services we encourage you to consider donating via our website at or by mail at the address listed on our site.

If you know of a provider who would be a good candidate for our program, tell them to join! We can't help families like this one without providers. If you can help us recruit these providers by telling your favorite companies to consider joining, that would also be incredible assistance for the veterans we serve.

Thank you for your consideration in helping this family. If you have any questions, feel free to email us: [email protected]

Many blessings to all...
Torrey, Anne, Alison and Kara
its an amazing thanks for the amazing information. i have got your points.
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