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Electric chimneys make our kitchens look better,but cleaning is a stressful job.Knowing the type of filter installed in the chimney may help you get the work done faster and a lot better.The various type of filters are:
1)Baffle Filter-It helps to absorb more oil during cooking.Here the filter can be removed and washed with a soft detergent.
2)Grease mesh Filter-This type of mesh filter can easily be separated and washed under running water.A very mild detergent can also be used to make it completely grease free.
3)Charcoal filter-There are no options for cleaning charcoal filters.The filters have to be removed every 3-6 months.
But now-a-days auto clean options are also available in electric chimneys.
Chimneys are thoroughly cleaned and inspected by Pro Attic experts to ensure all elements are safe for use.Chimney cleaning process includes a variety of tools for repairing chimneys not only inside the chimney, but also from the top of the chimney. Lay a white tarp in front of the fireplace to protect the floor and carpet, and use her HEPA vacuum with a dual filter to keep dust out of the fireplace and into the room.
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