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I've been working on floor waxes for a while and have come to a question in mind.

Modern floor waxes, as people prefer, are now non-buffable- meaning that you won't need a floor machine to shine-up your vinyl tiles. Just take the solution, damp it on the mop after stripping and sealing the floor and then just mop away. :thumbsup:

However, these non-buffable waxes don't seem to contain the classic Carnauba Wax for floor waxes and instead employ the use of polymers. Could it be that the Carnauba Wax content of floor waxes determine the buffability of these floors? :huh:

Carnuaba is known to be a very sturdy floor wax but also pretty expensive. Since these new floor waxes don't have Carnauba, is it possible that they also have less durability and traffic resistance as the normal Buffable Waxes?

:yes:Sorry for the pretty long question post :no:
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