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I currently live in a major metro area where there are many storage rental companies offering modern and efficiently run options for storage. The facilities are tightly managed, clean, etc.

In preparation for a move to a relatively rural area in the Northeast, I have been seeking the same or similar, for storage purposes while I look for a permanent home to rent or purchase.

I am finding the market is different there. The facilities appear to be independently owned and not even sure how they are managed - most have no website to research and it's not always easy to even get someone on the phone. Most appear to be outdoor drive-up units.

Because I need climate-controlled storage and want to make sure I am dealing with a business that plans to stay in business, I have decided to perhaps move my things to the next smallest city where there appear to be professionally operated facilities.

If any of you have experience with renting a storage unit in a small city or rural area, would appreciate hearing any tips or suggestions you have. Thanks
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