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These questions are for those who routinely use subcontractors or plan to use subcontractors to perform commercial cleaning duties.

As most of us are aware, most, if not all, of our contracts with our clients are non-binding in nature. They can let us go at any notice without honoring the full term of our contract, and without pay. That being said, do any of the following conditions apply:

1. Can the main contractor successfully and legally sue the client for monies owed, even if the mutual contract was non-binding, in nature?

2. Can a sub-contractor (sub) file a mechanic's lien for funds owed by the contractor? If so, is lien filed to client or to main contractor? Does this even apply, even in non-binding contracts?

3. Can a sub sue the main contractor for breach of contract if monies are not paid and if filing a mechanic's lien is not applicable, given the circumstances?

By the way, I am not a lawyer but just need to understand what owners need to be aware of dealing with subs in the commercial cleaning world.
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