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Defi decentralized finance

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I think many people will agree with me, cryptocurrency is a profitable niche for investment. As for me, xrp is looking bullish at the moment. can xrp reach 1.000? May be
Hey, guys. I want to create my own large company related to providing digital services. But at the moment I don't have that kind of money. In addition, today I don't have specialists who could make up the staff of the future company. I work with a codifier who writes the code for the pages I create in image editing programs. So I'd really like to know how much your company would cost me? Of course, I'll be contacting Mortgage Broker Swindon anyway to talk about a future mortgage to start a business and promote a startup. But what can you offer to help me? I expect professional support, not low-grade advice for a lot of money.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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