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No one likes dirty tiles and grout with lots of ugly grime and stains. It’s practically impossible to buy and replace dirty tiles with new ones. So, you’ll have to make a consistent effort to make them look sparkling clean and bright. It's easy and can be done on your own without any professional help.

Due to a lack of knowledge, we often ruin our tiles cleaning up the tricky grout. But somehow, if you are busy and don’t have time for regular cleaning, then you may have to hire an expert for extensive cleaning.

If you don’t want to spend extra bucks on hiring experts, check below some general tips for DIY tiles and grout cleaning using natural ingredients. Everything is readily available in the market these days. All it takes is some patience, focus, and extra effort. So, you can save both money and time.

How to Clean the Tiles?

To begin with, use a simple brush for dry dusting. Simply wipe off the dust from the floor.

Use the right detergent or cleaning solution for floor washing. You can also prepare a DIY cleaning solution to clean the tiles. How?

  • Simply mix the baking soda, vinegar, and water in equal proportions in a spray bottle.
  • Spray it over the floor and let it sit for 20- 30 minutes.
  • Now use a mild scrubber or a damp cloth to easily wipe off the build-up material.

Well, there is another effective DIY cleaning solution that you can make at home using bleach & sodium bicarbonate. Bleach helps restore the original looks of your tiles and works as a powerful disinfectant. Bleach is acidic in nature, and will cause irritation on your skin. So, make sure to use gloves and a mask before mixing the bleach & soda carbonate together.

  • Apply the mixture to your tiles.
  • Wait until it gets dried, and let it sit for an hour.
  • Wash it off with a gentle scrubber.
  • You can also buy and apply a tile polishing solution to get desired results.

How to clean the grout (placed between the narrow gaps in tiles)?

Grout cleaning is a tricky job. It’s time, and energy-consuming, and requires little more effort than tile cleaning. Below are some easy steps that you can follow for DIY grout cleaning:

  • Pour some warm water over the grout and use a brush to clean the grout.
  • Make a DIY cleaning solution using baking soda, water & vinegar.
  • Spray over the grout, leave it for a while and wipe it off using water.
  • For extensive cleaning, scrub gently in a circular motion to get rid of the dirty stains & grime.
  • To deal with stubborn hard water spots, you can use oxygen bleach or chlorine bleach. It can easily dissolve the build up material.
  • Leave it for a while, and finally rinse it with plain water.

That’s it!

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I have cleaned lots of tile & grout floors in the past and the present. Of all the tile & grout cleaning products I have tried such as Bleach, Washroom Cleaner #70,Industrial Cleaner Enzyme and Commercial Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Steam Cleaning. Of the 5 just mentioned products I like Commercial Grade Hydrogen peroxide & the Industrial Grade Enzyme.
Why I like these 2 products:
Commercial Hydrogen Peroxide seems to get good results, isn't odor overwhelming like bleach BUT does require rinsing after application.
Industrial Grade Enzyme product gets excellent results, has a low odor and most of the time Needs No Rinsing except when you are doing a 1st time scrub or deep clean.
Brad BD Janitorial
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