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Hey here is a tip that I started to do but in the rush of things over the years I stop it and payed the price of buying new downstreamers.

When I downstream anything now I always keep a 5gal bucket of plain water next to the the tank. So when I am done pulling soap from the downstreamer it goes right into the bucket and sucks out the water, it is always pulling water from it. I found it will last 6 times longer. With 3 pressure washers on a trailer it adds up.

Here another tip
I had a diffent tanks and diffent ratio on chem. I wanted a longer hose for my down streamer to reach all my tanks. But when I brought a downstream it was maybe 4ft and would pull maybe 6ft max. So I went with a small hose OD 1/4 and now pull anywhere on the trailer. Inside 1/8 You have to change the downstreamer barb to a smaller OD Works great at 8ft
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