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Upholstery Tips!

Upholstery cleaners are experts in cleaning nearly all types of upholstery, including all fabric, leather as well as difficult to clean materials, such as jacquard, velvet, micro suede and Haitian cotton upholstery.

Our upholstery should be carefully inspected to provide us - our home, the most effective and safest upholstery cleaning method to extend the life of our furnishings.

For your drapery cleaning. The dradert fiber, fabric and construction are inspected to avoid shrinkage or damage allowing you to extend the life of your valuable curtains.

Our upholstery cleaning specialists only use the most effective cleaning equipment to remove dust mites, pathergens and allergens. Nothing is spared when we deliver the best upholstery cleaning service to our clients.

Seek professional upholstery cleaning assistance - Contact us at our Phone 376 7007.

Happy Cleaning! :):)
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