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I am currently deciding on whether I should begin operating a commercial cleaning business doing general cleaning of office buildings.

I grew up doing general cleaning of office buildings with my family. My mother is an "ex Jani-King franchisee" and I became a Jani-King representative for my mother's franchise when I turned 17.
My parents grew their franchise by laboring through "blood and sweat" and my mother was a franchise of the year winner about 2 decades ago. Because of a vice president's recognition of my mother from the old days, I was given an exception to become a representative. He said he wanted to see how well I would do. Basically, this allowed me to carry on my mother's business; however, I did not pursue the opportunity.

I do not have experience bidding for contracts so I am lost in one of the most difficult parts of the business. My only reference point to deciding on what is an accurate bid is by recalling figures from the work that my family has done in the past.

I'm currently recalling information from 2 office buildings that I have cleaned about 10 years ago and I am also trying to research the ownership and maintenance methods they are now using.
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