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Hello all, great site here. My name is Shane, my wife and I just started a cleaning business. After many years in the military and working in the IT Field and hating sitting behind a desk everyday, a string of events led us to both becoming jobless with a mortgage payment, kids to take care of, and all the other usual expenses. So we've taken the plunge and started a business we've talked about for years.
We are focusing mainly on small commercial cleaning, offices/small business, apartment communities, new construction.

We are still in the very early stages. Just ordered business cards last week, plan to spend this week getting marketing plan going...start cold calling, get a flyer put together, some postcards start mailing, etc.
Already have interviews w/2 contractors for new construction cleaning. Wife cleaned one home today. We're stuck w/the pricing/bid part of things....Seems to be hardest part to figure. Everybody has a different answer on best way to do it.

Anyway, great site here, would love to find somebody to mentor with if they are willing!

Take care!
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