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Getting your name in front of the public and keeping it there is how you create Top Of the Mind Awareness for your business. One of the best ways to do this is by associating yourself with a charitable organization. Before someone gets all indignant about profiting from a charity let me explain.

If you have a charitable streak in you. If you like to do good things for your chosen charity then promote your business along with the charity. I do not advocate doing things that go against common sense and deceny.

But here is an example of what I do. I support the American Red Cross blood drives. ( over the years I have personally donated over 2 gallons of blood) And also the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (my brother died from diabetes when he was 26. He was diagnosed at 2 years of age) So I am motivated to help these causes do the work they do.

I produce a newsletter for my personal coaching clients (I coach businesses in marketing). Also every month I spend anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour on the phone with all of my clients. This time is scheduled a month in advance and cannot be changed. So every month I have some cancellations. This time is already paid for in my clients monthly fees. But sometimes they cannot use it.

In one of my mastermind conference calls we came up with a way to make it work for Charity. I write columns for a lot of different publications so once a month when I have determined how much phone coaching time I have available I auction it off to the people who read my newsletters and articles but do not participate in the monthly coaching program. The money that we raise by this auction goes to the two charities I mentioned above. It is a great win for everyone involved.

I post a minimum bid of $50 (I charge $250 per hour for personal phone coaching so this is a great value) and then let it go for 3 days. I then call the winners and set up the coaching time. I do this in 30 minute blocks and normally get 30 to 40 bids for the 10 blocks of time.

This month I have 5 hours of time available from clients. If you would like to get involved please contact me by pm here in the forum with your bid. While it is only 30 minutes you will do about two hours of preparation before the call and I will do about 2 hours of work after the call. Many first time clients realize a surge of cash flow after our first session.

Now that is one way that I work with charitable organizations to keep my name out there and to also do good for the world around me. How can you use what I do in your business.

I am serious about the auction tho. Please contact me if you are interested. I have 5 hours available this month and will accomodate your schedule for this event (because it is for charity)

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