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Kleenin it up was expectedly delivered on January 01 2012
by Regina Cabell & Lisa Arnett. With these two women having the desire to clean and the health conscious personalty to do it thoroughly is what birthed the creation of this cleaning company.

Both Lisa and Regina have backgrounds in cleaning - Regina worked under her mother at her own cleaning company, she's worked for various hotels and school districts, and she also continues to clean at her own home... Lisa takes her pride in using non hazardous chemicals and gentle treatments and tries to do everything as green clean as she possibly can. She's also worked for various hotels and she frequently assists others in their house cleaning needs.

There couldn't have been a better pair of women to create and nurture a business such as this one. Kleenin it up is off to a great start already and we welcome you to join us in our wonderful journey of growth.

Thank you -
We found from a general search on cleaning ideas. You can visit us online at
Sincerely: Regina Cabell & Lisa Arnett​
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