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How effective is botox for wrinkles?

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Hi everyone, I need some suggestions. I have a few wrinkles on my forehead. What can I do to reduce this? I have been doing some research and I read about Botox treatment and I am thinking to go for it. Can someone suggest a good place I can consider? I came across a skin clinic which does botox in Oakville called APT Medical. Does anyone have any experience with them? Kindly share your suggestions. Thank you.
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I tried botox for a couple wrinkles years back. It did help but it doesnt last all that long and the injections hurt like hell.
I know a woman who is about my age (over 60) and she obviously used a LOT of botox for a long time. Her face never changes expression, which looked really weird. For whatever reason, she stopped using it last year and now her wrinkles are back but at least her face MOVES.

I decided to just not fighting my age so much. I grew my hair out to its natural color a year ago. I love it now. Its mostly silver. And curley, as it always was. I have people stop me to say how nice my hair looks.
Like msannienow said, it does hurt and you have to do it regularly to keep the results, which I find kind of off putting personally. There's also the long term stone face thing that comes from it and I've never come across anyone that's done it for an extended time that looks "normal" to me. Have you tried a good moisturizing routine, fillers, and other things like that? I'd go that route before putting poison in my forehead. :)
I tried Botox a while back, and it did help, but man, did those injections hurt like a mother! Plus, it didn't last very long. I know a lady who used Botox for years, and her face never changed expression, which was pretty weird. But she stopped, and her wrinkles came back, which is kind of a good thing since her face moves now. Personally, I decided to embrace my age and grow my hair to its natural silver color. I love it now and get compliments on it all the time. Also, I saw an Affordable aesthetic clinic in Singapore, and I thought I'd mention them. They might be worth checking out if you're in the area. Just thought I'd share my two cents.
Hey! So, I haven't had any personal experience with Botox, but I've heard it can be super effective in smoothing out wrinkles if done correctly. A few friends of mine got Botox and they were happy with the results. Definitely do your research and make sure you choose a reputable clinic and practitioner. I haven't been to APT Medical in Oakville, but I'd recommend checking out reviews and maybe even booking a consultation to see how you feel about them before committing to anything. From what I've gathered, Botox can be a great option to revive your skin and enhance your look, but just remember, every person's experience will be different. Take your time to decide and good luck!
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