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I have a new customer that I picked up yesterday. Havent met the owners yet but their manager hired us to clean theyre new apartment 4/4.5 33rd. floor over looking the ocean in Miami Beach, easily a $4 Mil. apartment. Anyways apart from coming bi-weekly to clean they want a daily maid service everyday for 2-3 hours a day just for doing beds and laundry only. And they want me to do their outside windows on the balcony of course, which there are about 20 windows total and about 10ft tall each.

Im trying to come up with a figure thats not too high nor too low for both jobs independent of another. I was thinking for the made service $325 since it's only for a week while the owners are in town. And $50 for the window cleaning outside.

What do you guys think ????? :thumbup:
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