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My room isn't in the best condition right now, it's weird.

My room has roaches in it, is filled with dust and dirt, has garbage all around it made up of consumer packaged goods wrappers, left over food containers and bottles, soiled papers, tissues, napkins, envelopes from old postage, postage boxes from old packages, soiled linens, and toiletries bottles.

The rooms carpet is stained and saturated with urine from old urine containers that use to be stored in the room during times of mental illness where the occupant -- myself-- would refuse to leave the room due to one reason or another, and ultimately spill or knock over the containers onto the carpet by mistake -- and it's odor is awful and strong.

How can I begin rejuvenating the room? Cleaning it up? Getting the critters out? The other day I witnessed a cockroach crawling on my mattress right next to me while I laid in the bed. My mattress currently lies on the floor instead of the box spring due to messiness, and my beds headboard has a garbage bag over it to prevent roaches and other critters that lay behind it from crawling onto it or around it and getting onto my bedframe that lay in front of it.
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