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We know you’re always asking yourself How To Remove Crayon And Pencil Stains From Your Wall, especially if we have small children at home who think that all the walls are their canvas to create their masterpieces.
The first thing we have to do is to examine if the stain is recent since we run with the advantage that the ink or wax has not yet penetrated the wall, but if it has been there for a long time it might not be so easy.

1. Wet an old towel with white vinegar dissolved in water.
Pour water and a little white vinegar to apply with an old towel on the stain, then proceed to carve until the stain is removed. It will leave a very peculiar smell for a few minutes but it is the price of having a clean wall.

2. Toothpaste
The toothpaste is very effective against the crayon stains, we have to apply the paste on the stain and with a brush to go carving until little by little it begins to fade.

3. Steel Wool
It is a very useful tool, but we must be very careful how we carve on the wall to avoid leaving marks. We recommend using water with dish soap to help the steel wool clean the surface by carving in one direction only.

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