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I have had good results with Flo-Kem Green performance Peroxide Cleaner, I get it from Amazon Business, it is a commercial grade hydrogen peroxide cleaner.
Mix up product for tile & grout--apply to tile & grout let the product rest on surface up to 3 min. scrub or agitate then rinse off. I use a Deck Brush--stiff bristles to agitate into the grout or buy a Tile & Grout brush bristles are tapered to fit in grout lines.
Just got a sample of NP7 Blue from Envirosafe Manufacturing used this product to clean a tub / shower surround and it did a good job--But product needs to be rinsed off.
Finally I found this possible answer--see below--from
A cloudy appearance on tiles often means the wrong cleaning product for that type of tile has been used. In more serious cases, a milky appearance on tiles can be the result of the incorrect sealer being applied to tiles, or a sealer has been applied to non-porous tiles. In these situations, the offending sealer must be stripped by an experienced operator. Serious, permanent damage can be caused to tiles and grout by using the wrong products!
Brad BD Janitorial
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