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:) Financing Availble Within 24 to 48 Hours For Any Size Cleaning Or Janitorial Company. Even if you have poor credit, no credit, filed bankruptcy.

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We Specialize in Financing:

Commercial Carpet Cleaners
Office Building Cleaners
Commercial Window Cleaners
Construction Clean-up Companies
Pressure Washing Companies
Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Companies
Restaurant Exhaust Cleaners
Flood and Fire Damage Restoration Companies
Basically any type of commercial cleaning company

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And how, pray tell, do you do that?

I have decent credit and I need $500,000 for a national advertising campaign. Interested? If you will give a broke guy credit surely you can help a brother out.

PS: A web link or phone number might be a help.
PPS: Anyone that goes for this, have a lawyer look over the paperwork before you sign it.

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Clean Office Pros will grow significantly, even over the first three years of operation, by taking advantage of the opportunity presented by its first target market, small offices, and leveraging its success there with medium and large offices. Growth of about $300,000 is expected in sales from the first year to second and over $400,000 from the second year to third.
Financing for this growth will come from the free cash flows generated by the healthy margins in this business once break-even volume has been achieved in the first year.
By the fifth year of operation, the business will be well positioned for a strategic sale to a commercial cleaning franchise (one of the competitors discussed earlier) interested in expanding its expertise with small businesses. At this point an exit will be possible for investors and the original owners.

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