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I believe I'm going to be cleaning post construction housing for a builder here in the Dallas area. Can someone give me a starters list of materials I will need to begin cleaning these houses?

Also, what do you people charge to clean houses post construction?

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Bare-bones list of materials:

  • [*]30-foot extension ladder, installed with a leg-leveler kit for uneven terrain (very important for safety)

    [*]6 to 8-foot step ladder

    [*]3 to 4-foot step ladder

    [*]small or medium Shop-Vac (wet/dry type) for window tracks and heating ducts

    [*]regular vacuum cleaner (upright or canister) with long hose attachment for stairs

    [*]window cleaning tools (buy quality and cry only once). Note: You can buy the specialized window tools you need from a janitorial supply, or order them from a catalog. (There is a huge list of supply houses on the Internet.)

    [*]tool belt for window tools

    [*]mop and mop bucket

    [*]broom and dustpan

    [*]plastic putty knife scrapers (1½-inch size is handy)


    [*]bamboo skewer sticks (for tight corners)

    [*]lots of soft cotton rags (Wal-Mart sells 18 washcloths for $5.00)

    [*]rubber gloves (surgical-type is best)

    [*]big soft-bristle scrub brush for showers and tubs

    [*]quality spray bottle (again, buy the best)

    [*]gallon of non-toxic cleaning solution (like “Simple Green”)

    [*]assorted cleaners for label removal, etc. (“Goof-Off”, acetone, or non-toxic citrus cleaners)

    [*]plastic buckets (Two medium-sized will get you started.)

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Thanks for the help. I really appreciate the list.

Is there a good book to read on post construction house cleaning for tips and expertise?

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Time consuming 'extras':

Paint on windows -
what is excessive? Do you charge extra?
After punch list is complete (final stage of cleaning) if additional paint is on windows do you charge for 2nd removal?

Inside or outside grid windows (outside grid -for me - takes 3 times as long to clean as inside grid) will you charge a price difference?

Do you clean outside frames or only inside?
Sills are a lot of my builders pet peeves - Most of my builders put the screens in themselves - that is when they check the windows, sills, frames, tracks etc.... on each window. I was called back to a house (92 miles round trip) because the sill above the kitchen sink was missed and the sill in a very awkward small window in the powder room was missed.

Wood Floors -
What do you know about them?
How many coats of poly are on the floor? Will the last coat of poly be applied before you begin cleaning or after the final clean?
What chemicals do you use on wood floors?

Can you correctly cut in a tub not to break the seal?

How do you clean granite? Why does it matter? How do you clean marble? Why does it matter?

I will be glad to talk with you. You have a PM.

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