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Hey yall,

AC here. Just wanted to get the word out that Mallard Systems of Central Florida has stopped using the Mallard Name and have stripped the logos off thier trucks. There was a violation of the liscense and trademark agreement. They now call themselves Florida Roof and Exterior Cleaning.

If you encounter any once Mallard customers that are in need of warranty service please have them contact me. Though we can not guarantee Mallard CFL's work we do want to make sure the customers are taken care of and no ill will is spread.

You can have them contact us at TerraClean at (866) 86-TERRA (868-3772).

It has been over 7 years since I have been personally involved in the residential side of the cleaning business. I have seen it drastically go down hill and the professionalism suffer. Mabye its time to enter this realm again and raise the bar as before.

Its amazing how many dirty homes and roofs there are not being serviced.

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