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There are many types of mold…
(1) Cladosporium
(2) Penicillium
(3) Aspergillus
(4) Alternaria
(5) Stachybotrys atra
Mold spores may come into a home throughout windows or open doors, and can be bring into the home after attaching to people and pets… In order for a mold spore to grow there must be
(1) abundant moisture,
(2) the correct temperature range
(3) a food source….
Many modern homes and buildings are constructed in a very air-tight manner…. Moisture may enter a building as a result of flooding, through broken pipes, or as a result of excessive rain..
Mold can come in many forms, colors and textures. It is important to know the types of mold, their causes and grow rates. Knowing this information will help you identify a mold problem or potential problem and deal with it quickly. There are four basic types of molds:

• Black Molds (Ex: Aspergillus, Chaetomium) – They are one of the most common molds and can grow on virtually any surface. This mold type is also known as "Toxic Mold" because it produces mycotoxins and other harmful chemicals.

• Green Molds (Ex: Scopulariopsis brevicaulis) – They are one of the most common green molds you can find.

• Yellow Molds (Ex: Aureobasidium pullulans) – They are a class of molds that includes many important food spoilage or plant pathogens.

• White Molds (Ex: Trichoderma viride) - The mold commonly found on bathroom caulking.

• Yeast – Yeast are a type of mold that you might find growing in your shower or sink grout, but are usually harmless. By the time you notice them they have already dispersed their spores. They also reproduce by budding, which is when one cell splits into two new cells.

Mold can grow anywhere with a suitable food source. Mold spores are everywhere, including the air you breathe and on every surface of your home or office. All molds need is adequate water or moisture to grow. If there is too much water for too long the area will become moldy and if not addressed quickly will begin to smell like mildew and eventually rot.
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