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I currently own a Residential cleaning business in the Washington, DC Metro Area. I've been asked to bid on a small 4 story building to clean bathrooms, vacuum and empty trash. Only 3 days a week.
As of today I don't have the specific specs, as I'm going tomorrow to do a walk thru.

I have no clue as far as pricing this one as it won't be daily and the Property Manager wants me to turn in the Supplies receipt so they can refund me for them. I've been told that it shouldn't be that way, as I should be adding 30% to that fee. What do you think?

Few general questions:
When pricing by sqft, does it include supplies or is it just for labor? If just labor, what specifically it's included in that per sqft price: (vacuuming, dusting, emptying trash cans, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens - is floor waxing / stripping included or is that additional)?

Would you happen to have or refer me where I can find sample bids, contracts and other necessary paperwork?

And lastly, the million dollar question: price per sqft.
I guess that would depend on what part of the country each is located correct? or is there a general range regardless?

Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!

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