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Hello there, have a problem here. Unfortunately some idiotic events led to bleach being in the bucket that was used to mop the wooden floors.

Now we have a white film on the floor that has formed, if I mop again the film doesn't go away. I've tried to scrape lightly the film and it seems to come off but then when I re-mop the surface it comes right back, in some ways worse. It doesn't go away...

When I scrape I get the funny feeling what I am removing is a little bit of bleach crystals with some of the varnish coating with it [its slightly cream/off white in color and varies between soft rolled pieces and crystalline].

I read in one place to try H2O2 [hydrogen peroxide], but that didn't have any effect. How can I remove Bleach from the wood surface?

Should the floors be revarnished? Will that even help? Or will it make it worse by "sealing" the bleach with the wood?

Thanks for any advice you may have, we are at a loss.


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