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Pressure Washing Round Table Networking Event in Waterford MI

March 15 and 16th 2008

This RT is going to be even better than the last. The topic of Building Business Credit that I am addressing, will increase new businesses cashflow and open more doors for them. Ask Celeste folks.... increased their corporate credit limits considerably (without using her SS#) just in a half hour phone call with me. This alone will be worth the time to come and listen and spend time with other like-minded folks.

Ask your self this....

Can you make more money if you can clean fleets faster?

Do you think Ken Fenner could analyze your marketing materials and help adjust it in the right direction?

Can you save some money on supplies discounted at The Sealer Store just for RT attendees?

Think you can win a new Pressure Washer?

Have secret crush on Bob at Pressure-Tek and want to meet him?

Can you use a little help with your Cashflow to help you get more phone calls, get your office organized and do other things that your current budget won't allow?

Want to be surprised by secret give aways not shown on the Contractor Network Events site?

Do you want the internet to gain you leads to make money at a fraction of the cost of print marketing?

If you answer yes to any of these things, then it is worth $1000 to come to this event.

I hope the weather is good enough to Ride the Harley there.
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