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There are times which can leave you wondering why human beings come up with different things. For example, they created candy which is a little ball of sugar you can melt in your mouth. And then there is also chewing gum that has some sugar whose sweetness slowly fades in your mouth. Because of this effect, the kids love to chew on them and they can even chew on them all day if they are given the option. However, the problem begins when this chewing gum gets on different things like your clothes, the carpet or worse, your hair. From here you have a hard time removing them which is why you need a proper chewing gum removal process.

With oracle carpet cleaning nundah, I will present a variety of chewing gum removal processes. You can apply these to just about anything. Whether you are looking for chewing gum removal for clothes or chewing gum removal from carpet, these processes will work for you.
So these are the different things you can use to remove that stubborn chewing gum.
Use The Power of Temperature
This is a great process of chewing gum removal for clothes. All you need to do is place you clothes in the freezer and wait until the gum freezes. This is an easy method where you can just crack off the gum from the clothing once it freezes. It can also be done on larger items like carpets. However, you may need to take an ice cube and rub it around the gum. It will harden the gum making it easy for you to crack it off the surface of the carpet.
Try Applying Some Egg White
If freezing does not cut it, try applying some egg white on the affected area and leave it for a few minutes. This will soften the gum making it easy to remove. The egg white will act as oil making the gum slide easily. This process also works best if you have some gum in your hair. Egg white is also good for your hair. It can moisturize it. This also works best for carpets because it can make your carpet look great afterwards.
Try the Sweet Option
If egg white does not cut it, try to use another option. This time you will use chocolate. If you know how to cook, you should know that chocolate is greatly comprised of oil. This can remove chewing gum in the same way that egg white can do it. It can also dissolve the stickiness of the gum because of the sugar. From here, it can be brushed off or combed out after that.
So these are just some of the ways on how you can remove chewing gum from your clothes or other areas. As you can see, the chewing gum removal process is not that hard. All it takes is a little effort and that effort can go a long way. Just use one of the elements we have presented above and you can remove that stubborn gum without the headache.
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