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My name is LaMar of Pristine Clean Tampa and Pristine Clean Jacksonville.
In case you didnt know I am in Florida.

My inquiry is about a request for proposal. I got a lead this morning and would like to try and make something happen. The problem is I have never submitted a request for proposal. I have an app/software to create proposals but after downloading the-requesting companies, request for proposal, it looks nothing like the proposals I am used to.

So I guess what I am asking is how do I do this?
Is there any notes? webinars? lessons? books? I can read, watch or listen to help me along?

The location is 75,500 sq ft a county tyoe building and they want janitorial services daily and a porter after 7 pm. I feel like this can help get me out there and would LOVE any advice, comments or suggestions you guys can provide!
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