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Roof Cleaning Pictures WANTED
Hello Guys,
Chris from Apple Roof Cleaning here.
As many of you are aware, a new roof cleaning certification organization called the RCIA is in existence.
RCIA stands for Roof Cleaning Institute Of America.
The board of the RCIA is located here.

Simply go to the board, and post your roof cleaning before and after pictures! :yes:
You may also place a link back to the original board, or boards you originally posted the pictures on !
RCIA is NOT "In Competition" with ANY existing board, so feel free to link from RCIA to YOUR pictures by creating a hyperlink to whatever board you choose. :thumbup:

Here are the "rules".
ONE thread for ONE person, per set of pictures.
As long as the pictures are different, post as many threads, and as often as you like.
Bad Mouthing someones work, or stupid looking excessive praise will NOT be tolerated.
Putting YOUR pictures in someone elses thread is NOT allowed, unless OK by the threads starter.
IF your local competitor is flooding the board with pictures, return the favor, post your own, in YOUR own thread.
ALL roof cleaners pictures are allowed, RCIA certified or not, INCLUDING your local competitors, and mine.

The RCIA board is a roof cleaning only dedicated board.
It will therefore place highly in roof cleaning searches.
Having a TON of ONLY roof cleaning pictures in ONE place will ensure all roof cleaners visibility in local roof cleaning searches!

Residential AND Commercial Roof Cleaning Pictures all go in the same place.
Just title the thread HOW you want Google to see it.

USE keywords for your threads title like - Tile Roof Cleaning In Southern Tasmania, instead of "I cleaned a Tile Roof.
IF your picture thread is already on another forum, hyperlink from your thread here back to it, and also hyperlink from the forum it is on back to your thread here.
This will improve your search engine performance.
ONLY place your pictures in the PICTURE Forum. http://roof-cleaning-institute.activ...mID=436723&p=2
PLEASE, Do NOT place anything in the state by state directory.
Google WILL "sort out" your pictures by keywords

We are working on testing and certifications, but until then, why not get some additional exposure for your work ? :yes:
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