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Rug Cleaning Made Simple

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Rugs are great accents in any home. They make the place beautiful and comfortable. However, having rugs at home can be quite a hassle come spring cleaning time. They are very heavy to wash and it takes some skill to completely eliminate the dirt that has been stored in it. It is even worse when you have pets or household members that have stained or soiled your carpet. It will make your job harder.

But rug cleaning does not need to be that hard. There are different ways to clean your rug and the key is in just utilizing the available methods out there.

Rent Hot Water Extraction Devices

These devices are huge and expensive. However, you do not need to buy them. There are lots of companies that simply rent these out to interested people. You just need to ask.

Hot water extraction is a process of steam cleaning your rug. It is called as such because it purges a jet of water into your rug then sucks it back up with all the dirt. This method is used by hotels and other commercial establishments. It keeps their rugs fresh and dirt-free. It is a good thing that you can apply the same process at home.

What I like about this process is that it is able to clean every inch of your rug. You do not need to whack your rugs with big sticks just to get the dust out. Now you can just get a hot water extraction device to do the job. It can eliminate just about anything. It is not limited to dust alone. It can also eliminate mold and dust mites. The best part is that it does not leave residue. You can be sure that moisture is suck back by the machine.

Clean it With a Foam or Bonnet

If you cannot afford the rental of hot water extraction devices, you can also just rent out other devices such as a spinning bonnet or foam. These materials dry the carpet and are suck back by the machine. It works pretty much the same way as the hot water extraction device only that it does not constantly reheats water. It just makes use of absorbent materials such as a bonnet or foam. The difference of course is obvious. The hot water extraction device is more effective but more expensive. This is cheaper.

Use Sawdust or Baking Soda

This is a method that you can do with a regular vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is clean your rug with water then sprinkle sawdust on your rug and wait for all the moisture to be absorbed. After this, you can use your vacuum cleaner to get all the sawdust. This will remove the dust stored in your rug. Remember though that this method must be done
carefully. Make sure that there is no moisture left in your rug. If you leave some, then your rug may develop mold or mildew.

Rug cleaning is easy. If you just tackle the task at hand and not think too much about it then you will see how easy the task actually is. However, if you are really not up for the task then you contact companies who really do offer rug cleaning services.
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Cleaning rug is tough, I will keep your points in mind the next time I decide to deal with my rug
hi sara,

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Rug Cleaning

The secret is to dont use hot water. Few years back when i started my business i washed an antique rug with a carpet cleaning powder. It all looked great after i was done with it but few days later the customer called me back to show me my handy work. I manage to change the colour of the rug big time. The lady had another similar rug and when looking at the newly washed one and the old one, there was a huge difference in colour. I was only lucky that the lady loved the new washed up look and she asked me to wash the other one as well to match it with the old one.

Rug cleaning should only be done with soft & low PH wool cleaners and cold/semi warm water. Spray & extract. Do not use high PH pre-treatments. Fancy rugs are manually done and the products used to create the colour are very soft and chemical reactions can happen very easy. Not all rug cleaning projects are the same. Some IKEA rugs can be washed with anything and it will never get damaged.

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Rug cleaning experts agree that the best and most appropriate method of cleaning an oriental area rug is to hand wash it in water and without harsh chemicals. This simple, yet effective method of cleaning has been used for centuries. But it takes effort and time. So if you want experts to clean your rugs, contact Carpet Cleaning NYC
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Removable carpets are easier to maintain than the ones which are fixed and are commonly found in commercial applications.
I agree with you to some extent. So, in general, cleaning rugs isn't as difficult as it's believed to be. But when it comes to antique ones it gets more complicated. I happened to visit DorisLeslieBlau gallery once I was in New York and I decided to get hold of a Persian antique rug. Maybe I overdo but I think that older stuff should be maintained not as other newer things. I pay much attention to saving its quality because it's an antique one after all. Although, if you have some useful recommendations and articles which can persuade me that overdoing with antique stuff is redundant then I'll be much appreciated for that.

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Rug cleaning often isn't that simple.

Baking soda is alkaline and harmful to wool and dyes, and both baking soda and dry cleaning compounds, once applied to rugs, are very difficult to remove with a vacuum. So these products applied to remove soils become soil. The pic below is 5 minutes of dusting with an implant strap duster designed to dislodge soil in oriental & area rugs.

The best thing you can do for your rug size permitting is vacuum front and back size and space permitting to lessen the build-up of soils in the foundation

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