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Hello All,
I am looking for a little advice on a Propane Stripping machine that we are looking at purchasing. It is an eagle machine, has the 13hp Honda engine on it, is a few years old, but only has 15 hours of use on it and basically looks brand new. The guy want $2500 for it, which I think is a good deal. We currently do about 25 strip and wax jobs a year, which range in 8-16,000 square feet. Currently use a swing or auto scrubber depending on size.
My questions are these:
Does anybody have any experience with these machines and if so how are the to operate and ease of use in getting the job done?

Any idea on how much time this will save me on the job and are they worth the money?

Are they dependable machines and any other info that you could help me with that would be great.

Thanks in advance,

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