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Too often in hopes of finding the "perfect" cleanser, or in a rush to refill bottles people in the cleaning industry resort to what I refer to as "tailgate chemistry".

You see it all the time when reading the industry related boards. Some poster tells others that they add this or that to their products to add oomph to the mix. This form of "mixing" Chemicals can be dangerous if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing, especially since many have no idea of the actual ingredients in most of the items that they are using.

For example there are some who would say to add ammonia to dishwashing liquid for stronger window washing concoctions when in actuality most dish washing liquids already contain ammonia. Others will suggest adding X to Y for better this or that, while many just "free pour" when mixing concentrates, guesstimating the quantities and hoping for the best. Some subscribe to the theory that more is better, so if the directions call for 2 ounces of product to 30 ounces of water, they somehow feel that 8 ounces of product will give them a "super" cleanser when added to water.

Any of these methods of tailgate chemistry is a potential accident waiting to happen!

Be advised - even with MSDS sheets often "trade secrets" can keep some ingredients from being disclosed. While you are safer with having MSDS knowledge and information on hand, common sense will never be obsolete.

Follow directions and avoid tailgate chemistry
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