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Professional window cleaners use specialised equipment that allows them to safely and effectively clean the windows of skyscrapers. They have received special training in the procedures and techniques unique to high-rise window cleaning due to the inherent dangers of this work.

Our commercial Window Cleaning Sydney professionals have experience cleaning the glass in hotels, resorts, malls, and schools. Hard water stains, salt deposits, dust, and pollen are eliminated with the use of these items. You won't have to worry about streaks or soap scum when they're done cleaning your windows.

Benefits of Water-Fed Pole System

To clean windows, building surfaces, vinyl awnings, solar panels, etc., we utilize a water-fed pole system, which consists of purified water, an extendable pole, and a brush or other attachment.

The benefits of the Water-fed Pole system are:

Meets all applicable health and safety standards in full.
Maintains the cleanliness of glass, atria, panels, cladding, signage, canopies, and facia
Allows tasks to be performed without the use of elevated platforms or ladders
allows you to easily access windows that were out of reach before

The height at which windows are reached is sufficient to protect sensitive lands, such as lawns and flowerbeds.
Pure water is utilized instead of harsh chemicals or detergents, making this method environmentally friendly.
Does double duty by cleaning frames and windows
Privacy is protected and building occupants experience less noise.
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