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"Located in Southern Ontario, Ajax is a small town but booming like a larger city. This quiet, family town is home to the best tree service around — Tree Service Ajax, Inc.

Our team is pleased to provide personalized customer service to each of our patrons. Taking care of their tree, bush and plant needs is what we do best. From the first phone call to the delivery of service, we provide premiere attention to all.

With the knowledge of the technicians and arborists on staff, we can take the time to answer any question our clientele may have. Our team knows about the different types of trees and common ailments. Fixing those ailments is something we love to do.

Working with homeowners and businesses is what we do on a daily basis. If you have issues with trees, shrubs or bushes at your home or office, contact Tree Service Ajax, Inc. to lend a helping hand.

Tree Service Ajax Inc.
35 Churchill Rd. Ajax, ON
L1S 2K9
(647) 699-6340"


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