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Hello, I want to start a green cleaning maid service and need help on everything. I am 28 years old and i love to clean my house and organize things. I have a full time job but am willing to work hard.

What are the tricks and realities to starting a cleaning company?

Should I get a website and then licensed and bonded?

Should i be licensed and boned before i clean a residential home - even if I know the client?

should i go inside a new clients home alone? How do i know that the clients home is safe or that they are safe?

Should i be a sole proprietor or become an LLC?

How do i hire someone, if I don't have any clients?

How do i trust the maids that are hired and where can i hire them?

How do i prove to new clients that i am young but serious about my new business (without saying its new)?

Can i do this part time and still make money?

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