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foaman12.. what I am currently using
Hosting $289.00 per year includes my own email domain-no more outlook or yahoo
I had my site built by someone from and People Per
SEO stuff some of from people Per Hour for blog posts.. you might want to check out to help with content. I used it to write some blog posts and optimize some pages.
Guru--Had good & bad experiences with some of the people. The worst was 1 person deleted my site, then found someone else to rebuild it. There are good experienced people and Guru did work with me to resolve some issues.
people per hour-- $5.00 bucks to do several blog posts & other hires did okay but not as good.
I looked at lots of competing sites and sites top of front page on searches for services I offer and Areas I serve.
Good Luck, Brad BD Janitorial
P.S. I had my hosting provider Block All Traffic outside the U.S.
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