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Once your sofas were vibrant, beautiful, and clean enhancing the overall look of your living room. Right! You loved your sofas’ look and enjoyed making memories with your friends and relatives off and on without any hesitation.
But what now? Why do you not welcome your friends and relatives to your house warmly? Is it your dirty sofas which are making you so reluctant? If so, do not worry! Specialized cleaning services in Lahore have come up with the most common causes and solutions for your sofa problems. You should watch out for these fading factors and try to avoid them.
Sofa Cleaning Services in Lahore

Most Common Causes of Your Sofa’s Colour Fading
If your sofas are losing colours and are looking dull and boring, do not panic. This article is for you. The experts have suggested different ways to avoid the factors that contribute to fading your sofas’ fabric.
You can follow the solution tips and save your sofas from fading. Or if your sofas have started showing some signs of fading, you can book sofa cleaning services for an effective solution.
Direct Sunlight
Almost all of the clothes are sensitive to sunlight. The sunlight acts as a bleaching agent and removes colours from your colourful sofa fabric.
When you place your sofas in a place where they are directly exposed to light, the colour of these sofas starts fading. As a result, your sofas start looking unattractive and outdated.
These dull colours not only degrade your sofas’ look but also degrade the overall look of your living room. These dull sofas also do not fit in your contemporary living room theme.
Therefore, you should avoid leaving your sofas in direct sunlight. If you have to, you should cover your sofas with covers or keep rotating them. In this way, there will be no long time exposure to light which can not discolour your sofas.
But if your sofas have become discoloured, you do not need to worry. Book qualified cleaning services in Karachi to bring them into their original shape.
Professional sofa cleaners can suggest different techniques and ways you can follow to save your sofa fabric from fading. What you have to do is just follow these solution tips and get rid of the fading problem.
Improper Cleaning Techniques
It is not always sunlight, you can blame it for discolouring your sofas. Sometimes, your cleaning methods can be responsible.
You might try different cleaning techniques to make your sofas look clean and clear, but if you do not perform them properly, these can prove harmful to your sofas.
Imagine if your use a bleaching agent in more amounts than those which the experts have suggested, it can discolour your sofas. More concentration of the bleaching agent removes the colour of your sofas.
You might also use the wrong proportions of homemade cleaning products that can also prove damaging for your sofa colours. These can also leave stains on the fabric and upholstery.
Therefore, before applying any cleaning technique, you should make sure that this technique or method is suggested by experts. If you do not know, do mess with your costly sofas. And let an expert sofa cleaner clean your sofas and upholstery effectively.
Low-Quality Fabrics
Sometimes, it might be the type and quality of your sofa that determines the extent of fading. If you have bought a sofa with a low-quality fabric sofa, it can lead to discolouration more quickly.
Regardless of the cleaning techniques, you adopted to keep your sofa in top condition, your sofa might lose colour. Low-quality fabric does not hold dyes for a longer time.
Actually cheap, low-quality sofa fabric also uses counterfeit dyes that also do not have strong adhesion. As your sofa ages, the dyes keep fading making your sofa look dull and outdated.
Therefore, you should consult with professional sofa cleaning services before you go out for purchasing. These cleaning services can help you single out the best quality sofas.
Your sofas and couches face a lot of wear and tear which leaves bad effects on your sofas if not maintained for a longer time. It not only affects your sofas’ fabrics but also affects their colour.
A long time of use without proper maintenance and cleaning can fade out your sofa colours. Moreover, an old sofa leaves colours more quickly as compared to a new sofa.
But you can reduce the effect through proper maintenance and cleaning. So, book professional sofa cleaning services to keep your sofa in top condition through regular servicing.
Professional service providers not only clean your sofa properly but also can make sure that they do not fade earlier. Therefore, do not let your sofas fade over time, instead, let the experts look into the matter and fix the problem.
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