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What Is Website Maintenance?

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Website maintenance is a process that includes updating and improving a website. This can include adding new content, fixing bugs, and upgrading the site’s visual branding.

It’s important to maintain a website on a regular basis to ensure that it functions properly and provides a great user experience. It also helps your site rank higher in search engines and protects it from security threats
Costs of Website Maintenance
The costs of website maintenance Dundee will vary based on the type of business and size of the site. For example, a small or personal website that doesn’t collect much data will not require as many maintenance services as a large, eCommerce store.

Security and Backups
Keeping your website secure is essential to avoid hacking, malware, and other security risks. It’s also important to back up your website regularly so that you can restore it if something goes wrong.

SEO and Load Time
Page load speed is a big factor in how search engine results are displayed. Google prioritizes sites that meet visitor expectations by loading quickly and efficiently.

A website that loads slowly can cause visitors to abandon the site and could even lead to a drop in your search rankings. Therefore, it’s important to keep track of your website’s speed and performance with a tool like Site improve.

A well-maintained website is an asset to your business and a vital part of marketing and sales. It’s essential to keep it updated with fresh content and targeted keywords so that it remains relevant, engaging, and on the cutting edge of online trends.
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I am not sure I would associate maintenance with UX. One is focusing on keeping things running, while the other is how a user interacts with the website and feels about those interactions.
As a web designer, I think its important. Most websites for service businesses like cleaning are built on Wordpress, and Wordpress can quickly fall apart if left unattended. That said, theres not really a lot of great options out there other than Wordpress for sites like these that can take quotes, show reviews, etcs, so if your designer is talking about a monthly maintenance fee, its pretty necessary.
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