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What types of pests exist in cities?

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Pest control companies face cleaning the city of different insects and small animals and the procedures vary according to their typology.

• Wasps : There are different species of wasps that can settle in the city, although they are beneficial insects due to their omnivorous nature, however, they can cause bites to citizens. These animals contribute to the elimination of food waste and other more harmful insects.

• Cockroaches: Cockroaches are insects that have remained morphologically almost unchanged for millions of years. Pest control companies constantly work with this insect that nobody likes and is so annoying and disgusting, even if it is harmless. Nobody wants cockroaches around them. Facing the city, pest control companies must rationalize the use of biocidal chemicals to prevent the proliferation of this insect. Certain species of cockroaches can be fearsome pests in cities

• Carpet beetle: These types of insects have a larval form that can damage textiles and other goods by taking refuge in very protected places. These insects are not a problem for public health, but it is advisable to prevent and control their presence to avoid potential material damage.

• Domestic bedbugs : Domestic bedbugs are among the parasites that usually cause the accruals of pest control companies since they do not usually live on their host, but only approach it to feed on their blood. They are nocturnal parasites and are usually found in bedrooms.

• Ants : This harmless insect can generate a major problem in a home when it becomes a pest since they tend to spoil food and be a nuisance to tenants.

• Mosquitoes : There are many species of mosquitoes that can exist in a city and that can be considered a pest by interfering with the quality of life of citizens. Bites can cause discomfort and night restlessness.

• Pigeon: It is not very common to think of a pest of pigeons, but it can occur. In this case, the pest control companies are responsible for solving the problem. It is recommended not to feed this type of animals.

• Rat: A plague of rats causes a very serious situation for public health. It can occur both inside the home and on public streets or city sanitation systems. Do not hesitate to contact a pest control company if you want to exterminate the rats in your home.

• Domestic mouse : Mice differ from rats because they do not present a general problem in the public area, although they can enter warehouses, shops and infested homes. This animal can also appear in houses near parks and gardens or away from the city center.

From the Spanish public health and hygiene institutions, it is recommended that the pest control companies themselves be responsible for establishing an action protocol when assessing the pest situation in homes, offices, premises or public roads. When it comes to public buildings, it is an obligation to hire pest control companies.

• Termites: Another of the best known pests that usually occur in private homes with antique furniture. Termites can go unnoticed very easily, so that their presence is usually noticed at a very advanced stage of infestation.
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There are many different types of pests that can be found in cities, including rodents, cockroaches, ants, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and flies. These pests can be attracted to urban areas due to the abundance of food, water, and shelter, as well as the warmer temperatures. It's important to take preventative measures to keep pests out of your home or business, such as doing pest cleaning once a year, sealing cracks and gaps, keeping food stored properly, and maintaining a clean environment.
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