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Maintaining a clean office will save your time in decluttering and also promote harmony in your workspace. It can be frustrating that you cannot find something when you want it. Join us as we ponder on some guide about commercial office cleaning Sydney for your office daily and monthly set up.

What is Maintenance Cleaning?

Maintenance cleaning is also called regular cleaning. It is the usual cleaning schedule and cleaning chores that you follow during office cleaning. It can be a daily cleaning or a monthly cleaning depending on your customer needs. You also have to take note of all the damages and broken items while keeping your workplace clean & organized.

Areas that require daily cleaning services

Reception or waiting area, Entrance, Toilets and Kitchens

• Mopping of hard floors
• Vacuuming all carpeted floors, entrance mats, and rugs.
• Collecting and empty rubbish bins and replacing bin liners if required
• Sanitizing door handles and doorknobs.
• Removing all cobwebs, dirt, and fingerprints on walls and windows.
• Wiping and sanitizing all office desks, office phones, chairs, and other commonly shared places.

Toilet Daily Cleaning
• Vacuuming and mopping the hard floor.
• Collecting and empty rubbish bins and replacing the bin liners if needed.
• Replenishing toiletries like toilet paper, hand towel, and hand soap.
• Cleaning and disinfecting the toilet seat, door handles, and knobs.
• Cleaning the sink and shine the chrome and metal fixtures.
• Wiping and polishing the mirrors and glass.

Pantry Daily/ Weekly Cleaning
• Vacuuming and mopping the hard floor.
• Sanitizing doorknobs and handles
• Cleaning the outside of microwave ovens, fridge, and coffee maker.
•Wiping, sanitizing, and disinfecting all surfaces.

You need to keep all these points in mind while you opt for commercial office cleaning Sydney services. It will help you make your place neat and clean.
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